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Migo – Enhancing
patient care by extending the
patient proximity

Migo, the intelligent
patient monitoring
solution by M2Call

Discover how Migo enables patients to recive evolutonariy patientcare, and provides hospitals, nurses, doctors, with empowerment . Dive into the video below to explore how Migo’s revolutionary technology transforms patient monitoring, strengthening professionals with real-time data and insights and setting them free.

From enhancing patient safety to streamlining workflows, Migo is the ultimate solution for modern healthcare challenges. Experience firsthand how Migo benefits all.

Why is MIGO the right choice

Migo increases the service of care for every patient

With its state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities, Migo is changing the game. By delivering real-time insights and alerts to healthcare providers, enabling swift and targeted interventions.

With Migo, every patient receives personalized care tailored to their unique needs, ensuring the optimal care possible in today’s environment.

Reducing workload and stress level to the benefit of the patient.

With Migo’s advanced automated monitoring features, healthcare professionals recognise a remarkable reduction in their daily workload and empowering them to prioritize patient care and critical tasks with unparalleled efficiency.

Migo does this by effortlessly integrating automated monitoring capabilities that streamline workflows and alleviate the strain on healthcare personnel. The Migo solution through live video feeds allows you to always focus on what truly matters – your patients.

Utilizing resources

With Migo, patients will recognize nurses gain the benefit from the flexibility to adapt their workflow and give the quality of care needed. The live video feed and notification allows nurses to provide attentive care while attending other critical patient tasks, optimizing resource utilization, and obtaining efficiency.

Migo liberates valuable resources and fosters a patient-centric model of care delivery, ultimately elevating the standard of patient treatment and satisfaction.

How Migo monitors patients

Reliable live stream
and notifications

With Migo you can access reliable live streams with the assurance of GDPR compliance, ensuring nurses receive timely notifications and high-resolution live streams. This enables them to leverage their clinical expertise for timely intervention.

AI-driven recognition

The AI-driven recognition feature, powered by state-of-the-art AI technology, enhances flexibility and mobility for nurses. This innovative solution empowers nurses to optimize workflow efficiency and deliver care with ease.

notification flow

Streamlined notification flows from patients to nurses and teams are seamlessly facilitated, ensuring optimal coordination across shifts and the department. Migo’s intelligent system is customized to each department’s needs, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Complete overview of
the department

Get access to a complete overview of units, patients, and their respective rooms, ensuring efficient management and streamlined patient care.

“Leveraging AI enables new medical practices, offering solutions to pressing challenges like nurse shortages and an aging population, which need to be solved due to the growing amount of pressure on the healthcare system, that will continue for the next decades. Migo is not the whole solution, but an important part of it.”

Karsten Madsen, CEO