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M2Calls Migo rethinks patient monitoring in collaboration with Rigshospitalet

With the article “New helper spreading in Danish hospitals”, TV2 has highlighted the growing presence of innovative solutions (including Migo) in Danish hospitals. The article emphasizes the necessity of utilizing technology to improve working conditions and patient safety in the healthcare sector, which is more pressured than ever. We couldn’t agree more.

With its intelligent patient monitoring, Migo stands out with its intuitive user interface and features developed in close collaboration with doctors and nurses. Migo is an app connected to a camera that monitors the patient in the patient’s room. When the patient performs specific movements, the nurse is immediately notified and has the opportunity to see the patient through the app. Therefore, the nurse always has the patient in their pocket when they cannot be present in the room, for example, to attend to other patients or to run an errand in the medication room. By providing real-time monitoring of patients, Migo enables healthcare professionals to make informed decisions and thus ensure optimal patient care.

In collaboration with Rigshospitalet, Migo is now in test operation, providing a unique opportunity for validation and ongoing improvement of the solution. The feedback from healthcare personnel is extremely valuable to us. With this knowledge, we can further develop and adjust Migo to meet the necessary needs. The app represents a breakthrough in healthcare technology, ready to improve patient care and workflows in hospitals across Denmark.

We are very proud of the development of Migo and its potential to make a meaningful difference in the healthcare sector. Our team is greatly motivated by the opportunity to contribute to progress in healthcare technology while simultaneously improving both patient safety and healthcare professionals’ workflows.