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M2Call – providing innovative solutions for the healthcare sector

Founded in 2021, M2Call is a Denmark-based startup in the MedTech Industry.

M2Call utilizes artificial intelligence to create new solutions for the healthcare industry by supporting healthcare personnel in their daily patient monitoring.

The result is greater mobility for healthcare personnel and improved, safer patient care.

CEO, M2Call

See the M2Call Quality Policy

The Quality Policy shall guide M2Call in providing best quality services to our

Our imperative is to achieve high customer satisfaction by using our software as Medical Device. Together with a surveillance camera our software visually observes selected patients’ physical movements in hospital beds for providing safe and reliable feedback to healthcare personnel regarding observation of patients.

We are committed to providing high quality products and services according to regulations that meet or exceed expectation of our customers and to meeting requirements of applicable standards.

We seek to continuously improve our processes using the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle approach. We implement and use software applications to support  company efficiency and development.

We are committed to maintaining effectiveness of our QMS. We are periodically evaluating compliance and reviewing our Quality Policy for ensuring adequacy, suitability, and efficiency, providing input for Management Review.

Our Quality Policy provides a framework for establishing and reviewing the Quality Objectives and is communicated and understood within the organization, when established and every time it is changed.

Our mission is to systematically invest in new resources, new knowledge, technology, equipment and personnel because our imperative for further
development is a cycle of continual improvement.

Date: 20220503

M2 Call CEO

Karsten Madsen

In envisioning the future of healthcare, it’s evident that AI technology will be pivotal. This symbiotic relationship holds the potential to optimize medical practices and improve patient safety.

Karsten Madsen, CEO

This is our story
M2Call is a MedTech company specializing in advanced software solutions tailored for the healthcare sector, utilizing the benefits of AI technology to address critical challenges faced by healthcare personnel.

The origin of M2Call stems from a pressing clinical concern: the demanding task of patient monitoring and its impact on both patients and healthcare personnel.

It is commonly known that challenges such as an aging population, complex health issues, and a shortage of nurses are pervasive. These challenges not only hinder the workflow efficiency but also contribute to concerns regarding workload, burnout, and stress among healthcare personnel in order to maintain patients safety.

In recognition of the limitations that traditional patient monitoring methods can have, such as unnecessary disturbances to the patient during sleep and in providing care for the patient at the optimal time.
M2Call was established with the specific aim of addressing these challenges. The company delivering innovative solutions that prioritize patient safety and empower healthcare personnel.
Central to its mission is the promotion of increased flexibility and the efficient prioritization of work tasks among healthcare personnel.

At the core of M2Call’s approach lies the integration of AI technology, which serves as a catalyst for supporting clinical decision-making processes and supporting nurses in their day-to-day responsibilities. The company’s solution, Migo (derived from the Spanish word ‘amigo’, meaning friend), is the culmination of collaborative efforts with healthcare personnel and experts, designed to improve the user experience and prioritize the needs of both patients and caregivers.

Driven by a commitment to people-oriented innovation, M2Call continues to collaborate closely with healthcare personnel to develop cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of the industry. Migo is just the beginning; we are committed to developing more innovative solutions that prioritize the needs of both patient and healthcare professionals.

Our journey has only just begun, and there are countless opportunities ahead to make a meaningful impact in healthcare.

Our location

M2Call is located in the MindFuture building in Taastrup.

As a MedTech startup, we value the focus on innovation promoted by MindFuture HUB. In this dynamic environment, we support each other from idea generation to sustainable business development.

Our location in the MindFuture HUB gives us access to a solid community consisting primarily of companies within MedTech and IT security. This dynamic environment enables sharing interdisciplinary skills, knowledge, and experience.

Whether we participate in professional events or work on our own projects, we are all dedicated to creating meaningful and positive differences for people and society.

Meet Our Team

  • Karsten Madsen

    CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

  • Gustaf Ingdam-Lindgren

    CSO (Chief Sales Officer)

  • Toni E. Aoun

    CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

  • Kristina Christensen

    CCO (Chief Compliance Officer)