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M2Call Aiming for the Top: New CTO Strengthens Delivery Strategy – How Will It Benefit the Healthcare Sector?

M2Call, a leading actor in artificial intelligence in the MedTech industry, is entering a new era with the addition of an experienced Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Toni E. Aoun, at the helm. Toni brings 20 years of expertise in deliveries and related processes to the table, and he has already proven to be a crucial force for the company. With deep insights into delivery processes, he shares key points to support M2Call’s deployment.

“Expectation management is the core of the delivery process,” explains Toni. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the customer’s needs and reaching agreement with the customer on the end product as the first and most important step. Since its founding in 2021, M2Call has been known for delivering cutting-edge technological solutions to the healthcare sector using advanced artificial intelligence. The company’s mission is to revolutionize healthcare by optimizing workflows, empowering healthcare professionals, and improving patient care.

Toni’s extensive experience in deliveries aligns with M2Call’s objectives. “I have contributed to the startup of several companies and built operational and delivery organizations for 20 years,” he says. “My knowledge of artificial intelligence as an aid will also be crucial to our success, both in product development and internal processes.”

“Automation is at the heart of our delivery strategy,” Toni continues. “By implementing automatic flows and processes, we ensure efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in our deliveries, minimizing risks and ensuring timely delivery.”

In M2Call, compliance with the ISO13485 standard is crucial, Toni points out. “We are committed to delivering products and services of the highest quality, and ISO13485 is our guide to achieving this goal.”

Toni is a key figure in M2Call’s mission to deliver innovative and reliable solutions to the healthcare sector. His expertise and dedication are crucial to the company’s success and continued growth, and his contributions create a solid framework for efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction.