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Introducing Migo

Our smart camera based patient monitoring solution

About Migo

What is Migo?

Migo meets the pressing need for optimized treatment while maintaining patient safety and staff well-being.

It provides continuous monitoring, allowing nurses flexibility without compromising care.

Developed with input from nurses and rigorously tested, Migo ensures effectiveness. It enhances the work environment by reducing stress and improving job satisfaction.

Customized to each department’s needs, Migo addresses staffing challenges and optimizes resource allocation, setting a new standard for patient monitoring.

“Migo rethinks patient monitoring, empowering nurses & optimizing time to deliver exceptional care without compromise.”

Key functions

Intelligent software solution

The intelligent software solution, accessible through an app, enhances flexibility and mobility for nurses during their daily work routines, providing them with an overview and allows them to optimize their workflow.

Real time notifications

Healthcare personnel have the option to select specific movements for notification alerts. If these movements are detected, the specific healthcare person will receive notifications and can use their clinical expertise to decide on appropriate action. If the notification is not reacted on it will be escalated to further healthcare personnel.

More efficient 
patient monitoring

Migo enables healthcare personnel to remotely monitor patients while attending to other tasks such as medication retrieval, assisting colleagues, or attending to additional patients. This capability is facilitated by AI algorithms and live video feeds, allowing personnel to keep a close watch on their assigned patients even when physically away.

Patient adaptable

In response to pervasive challenges like an aging population and nurse shortages, M2Call pioneers innovative solutions. By adapting monitoring to individual patient needs, distractions are minimized, allowing nurses to provide timely and focused care, ultimately prioritizing patient safety and reducing healthcare personnel stress.